5 Props in Autumn/Winter Fashion

November 4, 2013

When we hear about fashion accessories, certain things tend to come to mind: namely, shoes, boots, belts, handbags, and jewellery. Indeed, these are the extra items that enhance our wardrobes and compliment our clothing styles, and just like garments they feature designs that cycle in and out of fashion as the seasons and years go by. But within these broad categories of accessories, sometimes it’s the tiniest features and littlest props that really seem to stand out and define fashion. So here’s a look at 5 “props” we’re seeing in fashion this fall and winter.

1. Ornate Cloth Cuffs

It’s almost like a winter twist on a bangle bracelet, though of course it’s made of fabric rather than metal. Still, an ornate cloth cuff is a great way to add a subtle accent that can make all the difference to your outfit. Metro notes a gorgeous example in a £69 gothic-inspired cuff from Hobbs that we could see being worn with just about any outfit this season.

2. Gemstones

As mentioned, you’ll hear a lot about jewellery trends if you look up fashion accessories for the autumn/winter season, but or the most part they’ll revolve around the overall styles of pieces. Within these styles, gemstones are noteworthy ornaments for the season, and are serving to add a touch of colour to autumn/winter fashion.

3. Flowers

You’ll see plenty in the way of fake flowers this season, perhaps most notably as decorative attachments to oversized winter hats. However, real flowers can provide an unexpected and tastefully chic addition to the right winter outfits. M&S online is a nice place to start your search, not to buy an individual flower but to get an idea for what the best seasonal selections are. You’ll find bouquets tailor made for the autumn and winter, and can gain an idea of which flowers you may be able to find fresh to complement your outfits.


4. Fur Linings

Fur may be more of a texture than a prop, and is commonly associated with winter fashion in the form of outerwear, and even accessories like scarves and warm boots. However, this season, fur is worth considering in smaller accessories such as handbags and shoe ornaments. Daily Women Talks online shows some beautiful accessory options incorporating fur.

5. Animal Pins

Animals are always prominent in winter fashion, primarily in the form of leopard patterns but also in furs, in skins, and various other themes. Even the traditional winter “camel coat” uses an animal name in its title! But this season, there’s a more subtle way to bring animal fashion into the fold – through decorative pins. Combine this with the gemstone trend for a spectacular little piece. Anything from a jeweled ladybug brooch to a simple ornamental pin in the image of any animal can make a lovely fashion prop.


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Kas&Blue November 6, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Great post! We are big fans of the animal prints!!




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