‘Fashionable People’, do not let the term be misinterpreted. This is not a blog about those who sum up the word ‘fashion’ in the way they look. For there are many ‘Fashionable People’, they work behind the seams of a silk dress, they create the ad pages you flick past or look at longingly. But for this blog ‘Fashionable People’ refers to you as the reader, a lover of all things stylish. It is true that ‘fashions come and go’ and ‘style is forever’. However, at some point we all delve into the ‘currently popular’.

Since launching Fashionable People in 2011, the site has primarily stayed the same, but after starting University in 2013 I have found it hard to find the time to continue blogging regularly, especially when it comes to exploring new interests. Fashionable People now has a new ‘Food’ section which I hope you will enjoy looking at and trying out yourselves as much as I do eating it!  I am no professional cook but a content home baker. I aim to set up a new food website in the summer of 2015…hint hint its all about one particular breakfast, but you’ll have to wait and see which!

As previously, this blog is a way to share my views and interests of the fashion world. As many of us can’t go out and buy the luxurious items which tempt us with their allure and elegance as they sit printed on our glossy magazines, we can still explore and gain insight into the fashion industry through other means. ‘Blogging’, as Alexandra Shulman points out, is part of the ‘massive increase in fast fashion news via all kinds of digital communications’. Though magazines are still the ‘better vehicle for showcasing the best of fashion photography’(etc), blogging allows the readers of those magazines to interpret the season in their own way and share it with others, consequently making it even more personal and engaging. So I welcome your comments and feedback, and you can keep in touch with me on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Freya Pélissier

Email: fp@fashionablepeople.co.uk

I do not claim ownership of any of the images used on my website . (Main images from: Style.com, Vogue.co.uk, Google Images, Tumblr)

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