Adidas Vs Axel Arigato

March 16, 2016

Adidas stan smith AXel Arigato

I have never been a fan of the ‘fashion’ trainer. Trainers are the for the treadmill and they will never be an attractive or elegant shoe. But I love my Supergas! They are a simple tennis style shoe and very versatile. However, in the last few months I have seen these two styles merge, the lace up style plimsole with the trainer.

You only have to make a concious effort to look down when you are walking along the streets and you will notice how many people are wearing their Nike or Adidas originals. You would be shocked! We are literally all following and copying each other without even realising – because who looks down at peoples shoes every second of the day?!

I had never contemplated buying into these big brands until…while casually flicking through my Instagram…I saw the new Adidas Suede Stan Smith collection and fell for the Onix blue grey. I had not seen a style like them before and I was, and I am still trying, to diversify my wardrobe away from all black. I couldn’t stop thinking about them for months! But when I eventually went to try them on, I was left unsure and a bit disappointed. They are much more of a blue grey than I expected and the fact they were Adidas made me feel a bit like a label lover. So I began to research other brands with similar styles, and that led me to Axel Arigato.

They are made from beautiful Italian suede and leather, with a classic style and shape. Colours range from black to soft sand for the coming spring months. You can choose between toe cap, platform, classic, slip on etcc, the list goes on. There is even fur or ostrich embossed! The whole aesthetic of Axel Arigato is so much more appealing to me than Adidas – a bit more feminine and stylish, rather than ‘cool’ and sporty. The only thing is their prices – you pay around £50.00 more for Arigatos than for the Adidas. In my opinion you are most likely paying for higher quality.

So which shall I choose..?


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