Age Defying Beauty

April 12, 2014

We all know that make up is a life saver. Our indispensable tool to cover up blemishes and conceal our dark shadows – the result of too many nights with too little sleep. Having a naturally young looking face for my age I love how a bit of cover up and sweep of mascara can make me look and feel my age. I think that is what is most important looking your age and not trying to be any younger or older than you are. I have noticed however the increasing numbers of girls who slap on layers of make up in an attempt I assume to look older when really they are spoiling the enjoyment of not NEEDING it.

Make up

I have met many girls who on first impressions I assume to be the same age as myself, but I soon discover, as on one occasion recently, that a girl is only 16 when she wears enough foundation and eye make up to be at least 20. Unable to hide my surprise at this girls actual age I said how much older she looked and she happily replied with ‘oh thank you!’ But was my remark a compliment? While it may be flattering to appear older than you are, the problem soon escalates to acting like you are older. With the rise of teenage celebrities ┬áhaving a huge influence on the lives of younger generations I am not surprised that so many girls feel the pressure to keep up. On top of that I don’t know if magazines like Miss Vogue or Teen Vogue encourage this speedy transition from child to adult or just simply nurture it?





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NET-A-DRESSER April 13, 2014 at 7:07 am

You are so right, but when you are very young you can’t wait to look older, experimenting with hair,make-up etc, to add a maturity to yourself. But when you are very old……Well, you are still very old! And no amount of make up can change the wonderful person you have become! xx


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