minamilist baker

The suns out and so are the barbecues – I am a huge fan of grilled vegetables, definitely makes them a bit more exciting! Here is a delicious recipe from Minimalist Baker for grilled corn and zucchini with sun dried tomato – dreamy, enjoy!


Top With Cinnamon

June 5, 2016

Top with Cinnamon Lemony-Zucchini-Cake-10

Big fan of Izy Hossack’s food blog Top with Cinnamon . Especially her sweet and savoury combinations – cannot wait to try this lemon and courgette cake with early grey buttercream, delicious! She already has a cookbook or maybe even two now, impressive considering she is only 19. You will also find recipes for special diets, eg vegan or gluten free. Take a look!


Lucy and Lentils

May 16, 2016

lucy and lentils

I am a huge fun of Lucy Parker’s foodie account on Instagram (Lucy and Lentils) – all her recipes are simple and perfectly replicable at home on your own. I also love how she photographs and displays her food – gorgeous!


The Sun Shine Eatery

April 21, 2016

Who wouldn’t want to try their recipes when you hear the name Sun Shine Eatery – denotes everything wholesome and good. Like this creamy banana smoothie bowl with all the trimmings!



March 31, 2016

 I have completely fallen in love with Rebecca Maier’s Instagram account Reblondonfridge. Her pictures are so naturally wholesome and the food looks utterly mouth watering – with both sweet and savoury treats to tempt us! She is an Italian food writer living in England, what a winning combination. Definitely one to watch, so take a look :)

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Homemade Quiche

February 16, 2016

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My own little invention: Quiche with gluten free rice flour pastry, red pepper and red onion and feta and spinach. Delicious!

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Aubergine Fritters

December 5, 2015

So incredibly delicious and so incredibly easy to make! Who knew just mashed up aubergine, seasoning, parsley and garlic could be so scrummy – add melted mozzarella and it is a dream come true. Although the only isue, as with all fritters, is they are fried in veg oil, so not the healthiest of options but you can always replace it with coconut oil. Which is, as you can imagine, non existent here in Italy. Really, give these a go! Another rice dish on the way


Risotto with Courgettes

November 19, 2015

I had never thought of making risotto with courgettes until seeing this recipe in Hazan’s book. But i can honestly say it was simply delicious! With the parsley and garlic it really brings out the flavour of the courgettes, whereas I expected there to be little taste at all.

It also looks so pretty as a dish! You slice the courgette into thin rounds, so once cooked they have waved edges that you can see in the photo. Next up – Aubergine fritters!


Spinach Soup

November 8, 2015

I have never made soup, ever, even though it is probably the easiest thing you can make. This Spinach soup sounded delicious and equally so simple, although I have never been surrounded by so much spinach in my life!

Hazan does not mention blitzing the spinach to make a smooth soup. I actually rather liked this method, it meant the soup felt more substantial and filling. The whole milk made it the perfect creaminess, instead of being too rich with cream like some of the soups you find in England.

Hazan suggests croutons to accompany the soup, which was actually such a delicious combination of textures. Next up risotto!


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I have officially started my classic italian cooking challenge, #freyacooksclassicitalian, following recipes from Marcella Hazan’s The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Her book is divided into seperate sections for appertisers, soups, risotto etc. So this week I started with the first recipe in the appertisers section – Ricotta and Anchovy Canapes but I made bruschetta instead. Firstly, I have to say sorry to Marcella – I am a student so I cannot always afford the best ingredients, but I will try my best. I think the anchovies I used were definitely what she warned to stay clear of – just too much salt.

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The recipe was very simple, I just put all the ingredients together into my cute mini food chopper until it was a creamy paste, and my fresh Italian style baguette slices where lightly toasted in the oven.

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A little bit of black pepper and extra virgin olive oil and it was ready! Sort of resembles hummus doesn’t it?

My verdict: I think one or two less anchovies would have been better, the original recipe says 8 but I think it over powered the ricotta and was just too salty. Although the anchovies I used may have been saltier than more expensive ones you can buy.