Denim Darling

January 18, 2015

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Song of Style


Knit Kimono

January 14, 2015




Knee Highs

January 11, 2015

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Debora Rosa 


Wearing Navy

January 6, 2015

navy coat

Rumi Neely – Fashion Toast 

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Sleek Skirt

January 2, 2015


sleek skirt



Layer Up

December 29, 2014


WhoWhatWear – 9 Easy Layering Formulas for Winter


Blouse & Pleats

December 21, 2014

Piazza Oberdan, Milan

The Sartorialist, Piazza Oberdan, Milan


I Heart … Shrimps

September 28, 2014

I thought I would start a new category on Fashionable People, called I Heart. It will just be a section of the site dedicated to anything I’m loving and want to share with you all. First up is clothing label Shrimps. Such a great name!

Shrimps Clothing

Shrimps is a new faux fur clothing company, that specialize in the use of colourful and carefully sourced fabrics to make their beautiful faux fur coats and accessories. It is a brand all about innovation, creativity and fun. The coats above present a contemporary twist of the classic Breton Stripe (A/W 2013) and here you can find a clip from the new Spring/Summer catwalk 2015. Hannah Weiland, the British designer behind the brand, studied at the London College of Fashion before starting her own business. She describes her latest collection for LFW as the result of inspiration taken from “rocky surfaces, coloured tiles, painted walls, stained glass windows, arches and doorways. Architects such as: Luis Barragan, Le Corbusier, Gaudi and Jacques Couelle. The colours of Henri Matisse. The Flintstones.” I just love the quirky nature of this brand, very refreshing for any wardrobe dominated by black at the minute. Let me know your thoughts.


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The Return of the Cape

July 30, 2014

The capeAs fashion news would have it the cape is apparently making a come back for Autumn/Winter 2014. I remember avoiding the capes that swept across the high street a couple of years ago, I don’t think I ever even tried one on, as lovely as they were. Do I regret not buying one? Not really. Although some trends are worth investing for when they return years later, I feel yet again the cape is not a trend I will be investing in.

When I was younger I had a satin baby blue and white dress up cape, with a hood and white fur trim. It was gorgeous! I felt the ultimate real life sleeping beauty. A cape is not only elegant but creates allure and is ever so mysterious, but I just don’t think this can be translated into ready to wear collections without just being a bit silly. Saying that however, even the heavy duty capes suitable for shielding you from the elements are a bit too fussy.

Those with a petite frame and height, like myself, I think should avoid the cape so as not to look like a little girl. It appears to be a trend best suited to the tall and slim, who can carry off both long and short capes. Evident in the pictures above, as stunning as the capes look, the wearers are definitely over 5 foot 7. What do you think, will you be investing in one this season?



The Instagram Obsession

July 24, 2014

After reading countless articles recently about the website Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI), a site for all the images posted by teenagers with a lot of cash to spare, I have been pondering why our generation is so obsessed with following, liking and lusting over the material wealth of celebrities and/or simply the Rich Kids on Instagram. I do not follow many accounts that are simply a display of wealth, I much prefer those centered around food or clothes because I just don’t like the vulgarity of some Instagram users. But why is everyone else so obsessed with admiring the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Surely every refresh button would just make you more depressed about your own life?


From what I have gathered it is all about following icons and knowing (living pretty much) their life through Instagram, which is much more personal than any other social media platform. It seems we just love to know all about a celebrity so that we can talk about them as if we know them personally – which is just ridiculous. And we also take to heart their messages about the meaning of life by reposting them. We even imitate their Instagrams with similar style pictures, but for some reason they just never look as cool or spontaneous. I love Instagram, but only really for one reason. I am no photographer so it makes my images look so much more professional. I post some and keep others for photo albums. Has Instagram then just become another way of gaining admiration for the user, but creates self esteem issues for the viewer due to the social comparison? Not only is it a form of self promotion but Instagram has become the ultimate procrastination tool.  What are your views?