Adidas Vs Axel Arigato

March 16, 2016

Adidas stan smith AXel Arigato

I have never been a fan of the ‘fashion’ trainer. Trainers are the for the treadmill and they will never be an attractive or elegant shoe. But I love my Supergas! They are a simple tennis style shoe and very versatile. However, in the last few months I have seen these two styles merge, the lace up style plimsole with the trainer.

You only have to make a concious effort to look down when you are walking along the streets and you will notice how many people are wearing their Nike or Adidas originals. You would be shocked! We are literally all following and copying each other without even realising – because who looks down at peoples shoes every second of the day?!

I had never contemplated buying into these big brands until…while casually flicking through my Instagram…I saw the new Adidas Suede Stan Smith collection and fell for the Onix blue grey. I had not seen a style like them before and I was, and I am still trying, to diversify my wardrobe away from all black. I couldn’t stop thinking about them for months! But when I eventually went to try them on, I was left unsure and a bit disappointed. They are much more of a blue grey than I expected and the fact they were Adidas made me feel a bit like a label lover. So I began to research other brands with similar styles, and that led me to Axel Arigato.

They are made from beautiful Italian suede and leather, with a classic style and shape. Colours range from black to soft sand for the coming spring months. You can choose between toe cap, platform, classic, slip on etcc, the list goes on. There is even fur or ostrich embossed! The whole aesthetic of Axel Arigato is so much more appealing to me than Adidas – a bit more feminine and stylish, rather than ‘cool’ and sporty. The only thing is their prices – you pay around £50.00 more for Arigatos than for the Adidas. In my opinion you are most likely paying for higher quality.

So which shall I choose..?


Supergas Vs Vans

September 11, 2013

Alexa and Superga

Alexa Chung in Navy Supergas

I don’t know quite how I have managed to survive without any trainer shoes. This summer I have spent time on bikes, visiting dirty cities for hours and walking in beautiful golden fields all without trainer shoes! It has got to the point where I am ruining ballerina pumps and wearing wellington boots when it is clearly not muddy or cold enough. I have decided to buy myself a pair of trainer shoes..pumps..sneakers – whatever you prefer,  but I don’t want Converse like everyone else, I think Supergas or Vans are just that little bit more stylish.


One summer a couple of years ago everyone went crazy for Supergas as soon as Alexa Chung was pictured with a navy pair. Much to my families amusement my mum has actually been wearing Supergas for over 20 years. She has about 2 pairs in cream, one in navy and one pair in floral. They just seem to go on for ever and ever, still in perfectly good condition after multiple washes and on top of that are super comfortable. Being a student as well I find them really affordable, around £45.00 for a classic pair that you know will go on for ever and ever.

Vans sneakers

Superga, an Italian brand born in Turin in 1911, resemble the American skateboard sneaker Vans. They are not as elegant but there are certainly a lot more styles and colours available to choose from. And here is where I am stuck, the styles and colours on the Vans website are more what I am looking for but I do not have the guarantee of knowing I have bought decent trainer shoes as I would get buying a pair of Supergas.

Help and thoughts please!


Five Fortunes

March 22, 2013

I thought it would be nice to share just a few things on my wish list for this spring/summer. I’m saving so that I can buy at least one of these items. Which is your favourite?

Asos SwimSuit

Asos Swimsuit: £35.00

Aqua by Aqua

Aqua by Aqua dress: £90.00 (£47.50 sale)

Zara Green Heels

Zara Heels: £49.99

UO Ring stack

UrbanOutfitters Ring Stack: £12.00

Chanel Nail Varnish spring/summer

Chanel S/S Nail Varnish: £18.00 each



StyleSaint Inspiration #3

December 2, 2012

What do you all think of shoes and socks?



Party Heels

November 21, 2012

I can’t believe I have never done a post on shoes… because I LOVE  SHOES! So here it is finally, my favourite heels for the party season and just in time for Christmas as well. I have chosen only high street options, so we don’t lust over shoes we can never have! Let me know which are your favourites.

Zara – Glitter Courts. £39.99

Topshop – Lily Wing Courts. £130.00

Nelly – Carolina Heel. £59.95

River Island – Peep toe Platform. £60.00

Mango – Strappy Heel. £64.99

Asos – Leopard Platform. £30.00