Flowers and Fun

May 4, 2014

So on Friday night I entered into the world of airy fairy dressing where clothes are minimal and headbands, flowers and plaits can be seen on every girl – it was like festival clothing but for clubbing. I am not one to conform to a ‘way of dressing’, I always wear what I feel most comfortable in, but I thought just this once there would be no harm in being more adventurous and actually dressing up and to feel accepted and welcomed.

flowers headband


My friend described it as being transported to another time and being part of a fairytale, which reminded me of Tatiana acted by Michelle Pfeiffer ┬áin a Midsummer’s Night Dream. There is a certain freedom and liberation to this form of dressing which I had not experienced before – though I do think boho playsuits and high waisted shorts with crop tops are better suited to hotter climate! But then again when everyone else is wearing the same thing – why not?



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Madeliene Rose May 8, 2014 at 9:40 am

It takes boldness and an inner freedom to don the floral headband for sure but I agree it is such an ethereal look!


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