Avenue 32

Armenta Jewellery

November 25, 2013

I recently discovered Armenta jewellery on Avenue 32 and was instantly struck by such a majestic and opulent collection. It reminded me instantly of the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2013 show as shown below, with the use of colours and shapes.

Armenta Jewellery

(Left: D&G 2013, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant

“Armenta jewellery is hand-crafted from unique gemstones and precious metals and this
New World collection takes inspiration from the journals of Christopher Columbus” which honours the “noble heritage of Spanish culture and literature in the form of objects of fascination to last for centuries”. Emily Armenta who founded the brand and whose career began while studying a MBA at Rice, describes how “many of the pieces are inspired by famous works of art found throughout Spain, such as poetry, paintings, architecture, and sculptures. Certain pieces are physical representations of images found in works of art, which is to pay homage to the artist’s message of inspiration.”


Armenta Jewellery

(Left: Gold Scalloped Stack Band £550, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant £965)

These are definitely investment pieces considering the hefty price tag! I would say save them for special occasions and wear with your most beautiful outfits but…what’s wrong with a bit of decadence every day?


Designer Nightwear from Poplin

February 18, 2013

Poplin coloursAt first glance of this nightwear line, you may be inclined to envision it as the lounge-wear of a sophisticated, well-travelled woman with impeccable style. This, as it turns out, is all by design.

Poplin combines natural fibres of silk and cotton with stylish options ranging from minimalist tones to classic stripes. You’re just as likely to find leopard trim as you are to find crisp white matching sets, and all of these pieces combine to create a line that is as luxurious as it is wearable.

Poplin Audrey

Navy Silk Audrey Pyjamas


Designer Lucy Archibald’s signature look seems to be an offering of matching pyjama sets in white with varying trims and cuts. The Teal Trim Gatsby Pyjamas combine the best of indoor comfort with outdoor style with a wide leg, wide lapels and drawstring waist. The Navy Trim Bardot Pyjamas follow suit, only this time offering a cropped pant leg for the warmer spring air. The richest sensation of all, however, comes from the Leopard Silk Marilyn Pyjamas, with fabric in jet black and trim in animal print.

And for women who prefer not to wear bottoms, Archibald smartly includes single pieces in her collection, like the Teal Trim Gatsby Nightshirt, that are easy to slip on and a breeze to wear. You can preview the rest here: Nightwear at Avenue32.

The design principles for the line are inspired by Archibald’s vast experience in fashion and travel. With an education from Oxford already under her stylish belt, she later received a scholarship to study fashion at the Courtauld Institute. There, as she delved into the history of dress, she found herself inspired to translate some of the most lasting principles of style into a modern collection of her own.


Poplin stripe


Blue Stripe Mitford Pyjamas


Poplin undoubtedly also benefits from Archibald’s continuing engagement in the style world as it does from her previous experience. Not only has she written for Vogue India, Marie Claire and Conde Nast Traveller but she also edits the online content for the jewelry line Mawi. As she forges ahead in the fashion world, her daring lifestyle and love of sophisticated style are sure to change women’s fashion while giving us a view of Archibald’s budding talent in the process.