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October 21, 2012

I cannot quite believe I am looking for a new bag, it is so exciting  – almost an out of body experience. I have saved up enough to buy something really special, though a strict price range. Here are my favourites that I have found so far. The Loewe tote is just stunning but double the amount I wish to spend, but I just could not resist featuring it for you. Maybe in a few..decades I will have saved up enough.Classic shape and a lovely dark brown, I do not usually like brand names all over things, but I think the ‘Loewe’ works well. In comparison, the MK is very simple and sleek, probably great for carrying heavy make up bags. Coach just keeps getting better and better, plus the leather is just incredible a few years down the line.

 Which one would you buy? Let me know of any brands/bags that you love and are of a high quality leather, but with a modest price, such as this site for leather jackets.