The Quick Cat Eye

June 20, 2016

Realised I had not shared a video in a long time and when I starting watching some make up videos yesterday (realised I needed a beauty overhaul!) I thought how perfect this one was by Lisa Eldridge. When you are really short on time, but want that cat eye flick, follow her simple steps!


Age Defying Beauty

April 12, 2014

We all know that make up is a life saver. Our indispensable tool to cover up blemishes and conceal our dark shadows – the result of too many nights with too little sleep. Having a naturally young looking face for my age I love how a bit of cover up and sweep of mascara can make me look and feel my age. I think that is what is most important looking your age and not trying to be any younger or older than you are. I have noticed however the increasing numbers of girls who slap on layers of make up in an attempt I assume to look older when really they are spoiling the enjoyment of not NEEDING it.

Make up

I have met many girls who on first impressions I assume to be the same age as myself, but I soon discover, as on one occasion recently, that a girl is only 16 when she wears enough foundation and eye make up to be at least 20. Unable to hide my surprise at this girls actual age I said how much older she looked and she happily replied with ‘oh thank you!’ But was my remark a compliment? While it may be flattering to appear older than you are, the problem soon escalates to acting like you are older. With the rise of teenage celebrities  having a huge influence on the lives of younger generations I am not surprised that so many girls feel the pressure to keep up. On top of that I don’t know if magazines like Miss Vogue or Teen Vogue encourage this speedy transition from child to adult or just simply nurture it?




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Dettagli da Milano

February 23, 2014

Just a few details from Milan Fashion Week 2014 – enjoy! (Images:


Beauty at Versace

tommy ton milan street style

Milan Street Style by Tommy Ton

susie lau fendi

Susie Lau from Style Bubble front row at Fendi

roberto cavalli

 Tassel Clutch bag at Roberto Cavalli


McQ Alexander McQueen

emilio pucci

Western Style at Emilio Pucci

The most talked about show from Milan Fashion Week – Moschino. Can’t say I am much of a fan but it is a very clever collection!

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Nude Nails

November 7, 2013

Barry M Lychee

After months and months I have finely found my nude nail varnish! Barry M’s Lychee  colour in Gelly is such a great neutral colour for any skin tone. I know there is a good one by O.P.I and Chanel but for £3.99 you really cannot go wrong here. Though as you all probably know BM polish is prone to chipping, so make sure you have a good topcoat.


Lipstick Versus Lipgloss

March 3, 2013

Lipstick Vs Lipgloss

It seems the Lipstick V Lip-gloss debate is never ending. I recently treated a friend to a Bobbi Brown make up tutorial along with some other girlfriends. On reaching the lip area we started discussing lipstick and lip-glosses and which we preferred. I have only just recently started using a lipstick because I feel old enough and I like how it can be such a dramatic part of a look. I never used to wear lip-glosses anyway however, I hate how they stick to the lips and never ever seem to last more than 5 that just me? Equally my hair sticks, so for me lip-glosses are just a totally nightmare! Interestingly none of my friends with me at Bobbi Brown felt the same, despite loving the lipstick applied on my friend. Either they felt it didn’t suit them and made them feel too ancient, or they just loved their lip-glosses or good old Vaseline would do! I must admit the Rosy Lips Vaseline is perfect for adding colour and hydration to your lips. As a generation do will still associate lipstick with older women? For the majority of  young girls I think it’s more a case of being too scared of lipstick. The vast amount of colours and not to mention the expense can be really off putting. One of my friends loves her lipsticks because she finds them so much more glamorous, and I think she’s right! If you don’t know what shades suit you go along to a Bobbi Brown counter or I’m sure any other beauty stand and they will match the appropriate colours to your skin. Go on, give the lippy a try, you won’t regret it!



Back to the 80s?

February 11, 2013


There are so many 80’s influences around at the moment, especially in make up! I thought this was such a lovely eye tutorial done by Eldridge and worn by blogger and DJ Bip Ling. But I cannot decide if I want to try this look and ones similar with all these bright colours that we’re seeing! I can’t help but feel they are a bit gerrish and loud. Do you think I should have a go or stick to a traditional colour palette, keeping brights back in the 80s?


Summertime Beauty

August 12, 2012

I just love this fresh summertime look Lisa Eldridge does on blogger Bip Ling – that lip colour is just gorgeous!