Does The Dress Fit?

June 4, 2014

zip up


Looking for a new dress can be as easy as ABC or become a nightmare of endless trips between changing rooms and the post office. Don’t get me wrong I love trying on clothes, but when the dress you’re looking for is not quite right then it really takes the enjoyment out of it. While looking for a new dress for an event this weekend I realised that not only was finding the right style and shape a challenge but being in between sizes proves a much harder challenge. You know when you see those girls who look like their dress is just that bit too tight but they have squeezed themselves into it – I feel I have become one of them! Now I know what these girls could be going through – the dreaded saying  ‘I am in between sizes’.

What do you do when you feel slightly too big for one size but definitely too small for the size up? My friend’s response was, either loose weight or go eat some cake! Either of which I don’t actually mind – hence why I am probably in this scenario. It is even worse when your size varies from shop to shop. There is one solution, which all retailers and suppliers would firmly reject – tolerances may vary within sizes. Have you ever tried on 3 different dresses but each the same style and size? Your answer is probably no, because why would you think to do that. Interestingly you can try on 3 X smalls and one may be just that bit tighter or looser than the other. Blame it on the person who stretched it before you did, or poor craftsmanship, but either way you get the perfect dress. I will be on the hunt for my perfect version of  a ZARA dress this Friday – wish me luck!



No More Dressing Down

December 29, 2013

Lara Stone

(Lara Stone – Alasdair McLellan, Autumn/Winter 2012)

Sitting down on Christmas Eve for evening supper, the table beautifully laid with a red table cloth, sparklingly silver candle holders with red candle sticks  and the smell of mulled wine wafting  around the dining room. This was the setting of my family’s annual Christmas Eve meal, where we all make the effort to create a special evening. When it came to sitting down however, I realised one thing was missing. I was dressed in an H&M Christmas jumper and comfy trackies, my brother in jeans and a hoodie, my sister and parents in casual day wear. We had made every effort when it came to the meal but forgotten about ourselves entirely. No pretty dresses with sparklingly jewels. or men wearing a smart tux with family cuff-links. It is such a shame that today we do not dress up for supper or dinner dates, I think it shows laziness and a lack of self respect. I always make an effort on Christmas Day, which I think most people do, but  why not when you’re going out for supper or going to a dinner party? Bring back old Hollywood glamour I say!

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Summer In Paris

July 9, 2013

The last few weeks have been amazing, traveling to Greece and then Paris! But i’m so sorry for not being able to do a blog post until now. As soon as I came home I have been desperately wanting to update Fashionable People, but I have had no Internet connection and even now  it is glitchy, so posts will not be on a regular basis for some time sadly!

I just spent 5 days in Paris which was absolutely magical and I hope you enjoy my slide show, of sadly not so professional pictures. I really need to get myself a good camera. I do not want to describe every day in a cliche way because that has been done so many times before. All I would say is I love how sophisticated Paris is, women and men alike dress beautifully! The streets and shops are all so pretty and the service offered puts English retail to shame! In the  department stores a shop assistant took one look at my sister guessed her size correctly and proceeded to pick out beautiful dresses for her, which were perfectly suitable for her ‘Day at the Races’ summer party. What a pity we seem to have let this service slip in the UK!

It was interesting to see how Parisian teenagers dressed, there was no one in skimpy shorts and crop tops walking around the shops. Instead it was flowing maxi skirts and dresses or summer trousers, both of which I adopted and have since been wearing back home. Of course there is nothing wrong with short shorts and crop tops, I just think they are more suited to beach/pool wear and festivals, rather than shopping and day trips.

I can’t not mention the food either..it was absolutely amazing! On my first day, I just ordered a baguette ham sandwich, which despite such simplicity was absolutely delicious. I had chocolate eclairs, Cafe Gourmond, Tart au Citron..I think twice, Tart au fraise..the list honestly goes on! And of course a glass of French wine each day. I went to Laduree too (the famous Macaroon shop) I literally could have spent over forty Euros in there, very easily.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures!


Dolce and Gabbana produced some of the most exotic and opulent dresses that I have seen for this Summer, I just love the intricate details and twists of colours and patterns, very Hermes like! There is a perfect mix of long and short dresses for evening and day wear. This video shows the trends featured in their catwalk show and some gorgeous behind the scenes shots!