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November 1, 2013

vogue paris editorial

Saw this editorial and knew I had to share it on my blog! Firstly the dresses are just stunning and the delicate placement of the flowers in the models’ hair is so romantic, but what I love most is the construction of the shot with each model doing something different or looking in a different direction. There is equally something quite gothic about the scenario depicted, especially given that it is of a wedding scene!

Vogue Paris, 2006. Patrick Demarchelier – OUI!

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Michelle Williams for LV

I love seeing the new ads in magazines for the Autumn/Winter campaigns, I did not realize however that they may vary from say British and American magazines. While flicking through British September Vogue I found that none of the ads really grabbed my attention, especially as every alternate brand is portrayed by either Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne. I understand the commercial benefit of having supermodels (I think we can safely say Cara is one now) to promote luxury brands but how does it promote the brands own identity and ‘woman’ if the model is always the same? Anyway, sorry for the slight deviation in topic. When I came to look at this September’s American Elle I was struck my the Louis Vuitton advertisement  fronted by Michelle Williams and her elfin looks – not the same ad in British Vogue. It works so well because Williams can epitomize the Louis Vuitton woman..maybe there is an argument for having actresses as models after all. My favourite kind of photography, especially with fashion advertisements and photo shoots, is clear and concise, where there is clarity to the end photo. With these photos there are no stupid special effects or weird lighting. You can see the clothes and William for what they are and what they are meant to look like. Would be lovely to hear your thoughts on today’s post. Which ads are you loving or hating at the moment?

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton


What do you all think of the slightly grungy trend to spring/summer this year, where black is replacing the traditional floral prints we see year after year? I’m loving it! Especially the looks depicted in the new April Lookbook for Free People modelled by Crystal Renn. There is something so tragically romantic about white lace and black. These images are so wistful and delicate, and I love being able to see the textures of the garments without any awful graphic effects. Simple is always best. Wish my hair would look like this too!

Free People April

Free People April Free People April Free People April Free People April


Pretty Pictures

March 27, 2013

Fell in love with these – what do you think? Wish summer would hurry up!

lukasz wierzbowski

Lukasz WierzbowskiGiulia Pesarin

Giulia Pesarin

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NYMPHEAS by Volt Cafe

December 30, 2012

I pretty much love everything about these shots photographed by Claire Huish for Volt Cafe. The dark sensuous clothing and lighting produces quite an ethereal and dark image. That Katherine Weir skirt is so mermaid like and hangs so beautifully! I love the use of the black veil as well, it is fairly ominous but works well with the make up and lace/velvet dresses. Note the delicate application of deep lipstick to create a softer look.(Photography: Claire Huish, Make up: Hannah Phillips, Fashion: Olivia Wright)

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Paul de Luna

December 13, 2012

I discovered Paul de Luna photography through Fashion156, such a great site for discovering editorials and new artists! I just love how he captures  the fluidity of fabrics in his shots and the soft romantic feel to them. I chose the most Christmasy ones to show you all, well apart from the ones by the sea!


Le Noir, Partie 3

September 29, 2012

I cannot believe that I only just discovered Mert and Marcus photography, who feature in the September issue of Vogue Paris with their four part photo spread entitled ‘Le Noir’. The images are so captivating, the fabric textures jump out at you as if they are touchable and the dark foreboding setting entices you. I don’t usually feature Kate Moss on my blog, but both models are so exceptional that I had to do a post! I hope you like them as much as I do. I still cannot believe M&M do shoots for Love Magazine and I never realised!



Olympic Style

July 27, 2012

I thought this post was perfect for today. With the Olympics starting why not take a look at fashion’s twist on the games? These shots for Vogue UK are such beautiful pastels and I love the delicate and almost romantic feel to the whole editorial by fashion director Charlotte Pilcher and photographed by Tim Gutt. All the clothes are just stunning, if only you could play archery in heels!