Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

Kate - Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2

It’s a bit late, but finally here is October’s Nothing New, Only Borrowed Project 2: Velvet. I teamed up with my friend and fashion photographer Ryan Blackwell for this shoot. (1,2 and 3 Velvet top; Motel, Trousers; Zara, 4 and 5. Lace and Velvet Top; M&s, Mom Jeans; Stradivarius, 6. Velvet Dress; Motel, Jacket; Ryan’s own, 7 and 8. Velvet Top; Zara, Black dress; Topshop – Accessories and shoes my own)

Photographer: Ryan Blackwell, Model: Kate D’Aloia, Styled: by me Freya Pelissier


Red Coat

November 24, 2015


Last time it was red shoes, this time a red coat! But it is also the style I love, a tie waist is so elegant and flattering for the figure.


Red Shoes

October 14, 2015

Style inspiration adenorah

I love this simple and classic look found on Adenorah. There is nothing like a pair of red shoes to add spark to an outfit.



October 2, 2015

My prolonged absence has been the cause of some exciting news – I have moved to Italy for my 3rd year abroad! Just south of Milan in the most bellisima town. Here is the view of the covered bridge – just sublime.

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 As you can imagine I am super excited for the food, the fashion and the people I am going to meet. I have been wondering what on earth to blog about while I’m here, as street style isn’t huge. One thing I have found while travelling around Italy in the last few years is the Italians aren’t ALL ‘fashionable’. So instead I am just going to share with you little things I see and buy or am inspired by.

 Starting with my first truly Italian purchase. (It has been so hard avoiding all the shoes in the sale) I bought these beautiful navy pleated chiffon palazzo trousers from M Milano, they are so comfortable and elegant. There were loads of mosquitos when I arrived, sadly I learnt about this the hard way, so I always need to cover up my legs while remaining cool and these trousers were the perfect solution!



Accompanied by my little fashion updates will be my new food diary! My idea is to start cooking from Marcella Hazan’s ‘The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’. I have chosen not cook from the Italian version because I would rather not spend hours translating into English, but I plan on buying a small Italian baking book! Each week I’ll try out one or two of Hazan’s recipes and post my fails and hopefully successes here on Fashionable People.

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Keep a look out for my first attempt soon!



I have never been one to overly idolize celebrities and sing their praises with every song or film and so on.. but I have just recently found my very own style crush – american actress Emma Stone. I am a great fan of her as an actress. I think I must have first seen her in House Bunny and then fully realised her ability to play serious roles in The Help –  from then on I can hardly criticise her performance in any other films I have seen her in. As the Amazing Spider Man 2 premieres went under way I was instantly struck my her appearance. Absolutely flawless and quite literally simply stunning. It was evident that each outfit had been chosen specifically for the premiere at a particular country. Take for example the dark floral Valentino dress she wore in Rome with the pussy cat bow and neat chignon hairstyle. The look reflected the historical elegance of art and architecture so undeniably associated with Italy.

As a redhead I find it hard to take inspiration from women with different colouring from me. As gorgeous as an outfit may be I always have to remember what colours suit my complexion and hair colour. Although I am not sure if Emma Stone is a natural redhead I have loved seeing what colours seem to work with her hair colour. Equally it is so refreshing to see a celebrity embracing her pale skin rather than being covered in orange tan! Her skin looks so flawless and clear. Of course, Stone has not created all these looks on her own – her stylist Petra Flannery has worked colours and proportions wonderfully to ensure the outfit is well balanced. I don’t have any problem with celebrities using stylists, although it is a daunting prospect to, in a way, completely trust what someone else believes will suit you – and of course if it doesn’t work out you get all the criticism!



miss-vogue-apr14-vogue-6mar14-pr_b_426x639The Miss Vogue magazine is such a good and long awaited idea by the British Vogue team. I remember endlessly flicking through Vogue and never quite finding something for a 16 year old to take inspiration from, I loved the photo shoots and general style tips but that was about it understandably. Now a dedicated Vogue reader, I literally read every article..apart from the ones about gardens and houses – I’m not quite ready for that –  I am still on the teen/adult fence so I embrace any magazine with a bit of showbiz and wit mixed with fashion, such as Asos mag. When I glanced at the the April Edition of Miss Vogue my first thought was ‘surely that is not a British magazine?!’ It failed at the first hurdle – I am sorry to say it but the cover is far too ‘Americanized’ and as a result just ..a bit..well tacky and cheesy! Even when flicking through it I found nothing that caught my eye or made me read a full article. After properly taking the time to enjoy it I did however find some great content.

‘Jump to it’ and ‘Wanna be in my gang’ were great for providing a bit of style inspiration and looking at ways to enhance personal style. The Miss Vogue Spotlight and Notebook pages were gorgeous, I love being shown quirky new fashion finds, literary and cultural works and lets not forget looking at this year’s eye candy…currently swooning over Dylan Ryder! Any beauty pages and WellBeing articles are a must and like ‘Mrs’ Vogue deliver to a high standard. One thing I would love is photographic hair tutorials, you know where you can actually see the steps to create the look – Page 101 displays the ‘New Up-Do’, but the head shot is really only the model’s face and not the hairstyle! The ‘Bright Young Things’ page is a wonderful way to promote new and up coming British talent, I only wish I was more talented.

Class of 2014

Class of 2014

As much as I enjoyed light heartedly flicking through Miss Vogue I felt the target audience  and age range was all over the place. The ‘Fairy Godmother Buys’ promoted gifts ranging from  £79 to £1,490, I don’t know about you but I doubt and certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to spend that much on a gift – let alone a Godmother. To make up for this a couple of pages are dedicated to Claire’s Accessories to target a younger (much younger) audience but still…Claire’s?! The ‘Class of 2014’  style pages shown above,based on the theme of ‘Superstardom’, left me nonplussed – each outfit was hideous and what’s the point in that? The magazine is certainly still finding its feet but it is perfect for an easy read and with a little inspiration taken from other teen mags like Asos and Tatler it will soon be a teen hit.

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LFW 2014 Street Style

February 20, 2014

Rather behind on my posts – so sorry! Thought I would share with you some of my favourite street style looks from LFW 2014, many of which showcase the trends for the coming spring/summer season! I think it is always worth while taking the time to look at other people’s style – you never know what inspiration you can gather! I am awful at sticking to key looks that I know work well rather than occasionally mixing up colours and textures to add variety. I love seeing an outfit that I can de-construct and work well into my own wardrobe , this way I can show off a slightly new look without actually buying new clothes – a little creativity goes a long way! I hope you feel inspired by these looks as I was.

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The Glory of Coats

September 1, 2013

I was about to start this post with – ‘it’s all about the coat for me this winter’, then I realised Autumn/Winter  is always and should always be about the coat. A coat, whether you buy one once every 3 years, every year or every season, is a wardrobe staple that, if properly looked after, will stay with you for the rest of your life. In terms of shapes and proportions this winter everything is over-sized and slightly androgynous. I rather like it. There’s something satisfying in the idea that you can be all cosy and warm, while at the same time turning heads in your woolen wonder! Just like a pair of shoes, the style of coat you choose defines you and says something about you. You can be flirty and feminine in a fitted dress style coat, fierce in a military coat, smoldering in an over sized black coat or utterly glamorous in a camel coat.


Coat Max Mara

MaxMara A/W 2013/14

Although we are coming out of the winter months designers have not abandoned the colour wagon completely. In fact we are being encouraged to embrace bright oranges, yellows and blues as alternate hues to the traditional black, camel or navy. Would you brave such colours? I would definitely try a white/cream or red coat matched with an all black ensemble. But I’m a traditionalist and always embrace the darkness that defines winter fashion.

Coat Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta A/W 2013/14

Coat Jil Sander

Jil Sander A/W 2013/14

Not typically a coat but the woolen gilet or sleeveless coat is definitely something to invest in this season. Perfect for layering in the winter and summer and simply stylish! I personally love this one from Zara £149.00.

Coat Zara


Michelle Williams for LV

I love seeing the new ads in magazines for the Autumn/Winter campaigns, I did not realize however that they may vary from say British and American magazines. While flicking through British September Vogue I found that none of the ads really grabbed my attention, especially as every alternate brand is portrayed by either Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne. I understand the commercial benefit of having supermodels (I think we can safely say Cara is one now) to promote luxury brands but how does it promote the brands own identity and ‘woman’ if the model is always the same? Anyway, sorry for the slight deviation in topic. When I came to look at this September’s American Elle I was struck my the Louis Vuitton advertisement  fronted by Michelle Williams and her elfin looks – not the same ad in British Vogue. It works so well because Williams can epitomize the Louis Vuitton woman..maybe there is an argument for having actresses as models after all. My favourite kind of photography, especially with fashion advertisements and photo shoots, is clear and concise, where there is clarity to the end photo. With these photos there are no stupid special effects or weird lighting. You can see the clothes and William for what they are and what they are meant to look like. Would be lovely to hear your thoughts on today’s post. Which ads are you loving or hating at the moment?

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton


Sampling other Styles

August 22, 2013


I am back from my months stay in the glorious Italy, I have seen the sun, sea, sand, Pisa, Venice, Cortina, met the most wonderful people and lastly eaten the most unforgetable food. Though I cannot deny how much I have missed blogging over the last fews weeks, I have returned totally out of the loop from the fashion world – and London Fashion Week is only just around the corner! I did pick up the latest Love Magazine and started reading September Vogue last night so I will soon be back on track. I would love you all to take a look at only few, and I mean literally only a few, of the hundreds of photos I have from Italy on my Instagram.

What to blog about after a month away from the computer? Well I thought I would talk a little bit about personal style based on culture, surroundings and tradition. Spending time in both Italy and Paris this summer has opened my eyes to different ways of dressing. For example in Paris women are so much more sophisticated then in England, they make the effort to be presentable, no matter where they are going or who they are seeing. Us Britons on the other hand prefer jeans and a t – shirt to meet for coffee, not that there is anything wrong with it, I just personally feel we have become lazy. In Italy I saw a broad range of styles, from cheap Versace replicas to smart and chic elderly ladies. I was struck most by the women’s jewellery, huge elaborate earrings and delicate bracelets that worked wonderfully with simple floaty dresses. I noticed their shoes were not 6inch stilettos but 4inch sandals or wedges – comfortable, walkable and you know what they were still stylish! London is famous for it’s street style and so we should rightly be very proud, but I also think we could learn from other European ways of dressing…I certainly didn’t see anyone in a tracksuit walking to the local market. Anyway it’s food for thought isn’t it? Take a look at the images below, one is Paris based, another Milan and lastly London, can you guess which is which?

London Woman

Paris Woman

Milan Woman