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The Between Bob

May 7, 2015

Between Bob

I found a blog post on Le Fashion about long bob hairstyles, that inbetween length,  and it completely inspired me! Last year I cut my hair to shoulder length but have since then let it grow longer – I feel a sudden urge to have it short again. There is something so sophisticated, chic and elegant about the long bob. It makes any woman appear so held together and I love how it looks gorgeous straight or curly. Getting a new hair cut is not to be taken lightly, the right hairstyle can make you hundreds of times more confident and ultimately happier!  Would you dare to get the long bob?


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Knee Highs

January 11, 2015

Debora Rosa 



Gangster Squad, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t get the neon gangster trend that seems so popular for teenagers. I can understand wanting to recreate the look of actual gangsters from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. That’s when a real gangster was identified as being the nicest dressed man in the room, rarely seen outside of a well-pressed suit. His tie was neatly done, his hat removed if in public or the presence of a lady, and his shoes were polished. He was intelligent, savvy, and well-spoken. And the women were dressed just as nicely, donning perfectly fitted clothes, a high-quality coat, the latest heel, and hair and make up beautifully quaffed to perfection. Sometimes, they were even highlighted with a hint of bold, ruby red lipstick.

Personally, the gangster look of bright neon, baggy shirts, ripped apparel, bulky sneakers, sideways hats, and bright sunglasses isn’t one that appeals to me in the slightest. For what I feel is such an unattractive look, I’m surprised that it seems to be getting more common among teenagers.

The most recent exposure of the look’s popularity came in the movie Spring Breakers. The film brought about a lot of discussion after showcasing the gangster culture that today’s university aged and altogether younger crowd seem to be playing with. The movie follows four female college students. While on vacation for their spring break, they get involved in criminal activity after being drawn to the life of a local drug-dealing gangster played by James Franco.

Yahoo drew attention to the significance of the embraced gangster culture shown in stating that “audiences after a dumb teen flick will find themselves the target of an undercover art house film taking smug sideswipes at the same culture that let it slip into the multiplexes.”

Franco’s character as degenerate criminal is completely opposite from that of Martin & Gary Kemp from The Krays. Following the life of notorious English mobsters in the ’50s, Reggie and Ronnie Kray, the characters are described as, “where charm and menace blend brilliantly,” on Picturebox’s movie blog. The two look dapper throughout the entire movie, dressed in the finest suits, and the company they keep is no different.

Now, while I can’t see myself wearing anything like the girls in Spring Breakers—or anything related to the modern gangster trend—I sure as hell would love to rock the look of a gangster girl from the early to mid-twentieth century.


Bonnie Parker 1933

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, of famous American gangster duo “Bonnie and Clyde,” was one of the first major female gangsters of her time. Although shown in a well-fitted outfit [photo included], Parker’s stance and large cigar displays a rather masculine or even crude stance (for the time). It’s a look that is easily relatable to today’s photos of girls in gangster clothing holding up a bottle with their tongues out. But again, the difference was that Parker was actually a gangster at the time, assisting in over a dozen different robberies when she was at large. At the same time, she wore something that hugged her figure, giving Parker a feminine silhouette as the stance showed her “dangerous” side.


Bonnie & Clyde

Girls today might pose in ways to look like a wild child for a photo, but if they really wanted to dress like a gangster, Parker should be the one they get their style inspiration from. Or give the men’s fashion a modern-day twist with something like the women’s fitted suit that I talked about before in the post “Does the Suit…Suit?

I have no intentions of robbing banks like Parker, nor would I ever hold-up a restaurant like the girls of Spring Breakers. However, if I’m feeling bold and want to show it with my outfit, I’d much rather wear the following: a form-fitting dress, some kick-ass heels, and fire-truck-red lipstick over a loose shirt that shows my bra straps and a backwards baseball cap.


Found these lovely compilations on London Fashion Week Daily site. Some great looks and inspiration for future trends for A/W 2014!


London Fashion Week Daily

London Fashion Week Daily


London Fashion Week Daily


Backstage Beauty

February 11, 2014

Before I do a post about one of my favourite collections from NYFW Autumn/Winter 2014 (which is going to be near impossible to decide on) I thought I would share some of the beauty looks emerging that look simple to replicate, and are actually wearable without people thinking you have taken the trends too literally! These are all very subtle, with soft neutral colours that would actually look lovely for the summer months too. (Images:

Diane Von Furstenbury beauty

Diane Von Furstenburg – This is such a lovely clean and simple look. A light dusting of  lilac eye shadow and thin coat of mascara only on the top lashes is just so pretty! With a light blush and minimal lip colour this is definitely a beauty look I will be trying.

jason wu beauty

Jason Wu – Buzzing in the beauty world is this new way of defining the eye by only lining the top of the eye – right within the lash line. Shown here at the Jason Wu show with a coat of mascara only on the top lashes. Try in brown or black for a dramatic effect. Again there is little to no blush or lip colour.

prabal gurung beauty

Prabal Gurung – One for the evenings maybe, this look uses a peachy/metallic gold eye shadow. Very little mascara, lip colour or blush but just enough to define the cheeks – this all ensures the eyes are at the focus of attention.

thakoon beauty

Thakoon – Possible my favourite look out of the four, but one that is the most daring. Eye liner/shadow sweeping across the bottom lash line only and outwards is certainly unique and creates an edgy look. Worth trying I think!


Fashion Week

February 7, 2014

Fashion Week

(Image – StyleSaint)

I love the arrival of Autumn/Winter fashion week because the fall season has always been my favourite! All those lovely coats, the furs, hats and jumpers – they are just all so warm and inviting! Though on the whole I would say the collections lack the vitality of Spring/Summer collections , understandably. But then the A/W  looks replace florals and lace with metallics and sparkles! Who are you looking forward to seeing? I always love Dolce & Gabbana , Marc Jacobs and Celine collections, so lets hope this season is no different!

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Armenta Jewellery

November 25, 2013

I recently discovered Armenta jewellery on Avenue 32 and was instantly struck by such a majestic and opulent collection. It reminded me instantly of the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2013 show as shown below, with the use of colours and shapes.

Armenta Jewellery

(Left: D&G 2013, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant

“Armenta jewellery is hand-crafted from unique gemstones and precious metals and this
New World collection takes inspiration from the journals of Christopher Columbus” which honours the “noble heritage of Spanish culture and literature in the form of objects of fascination to last for centuries”. Emily Armenta who founded the brand and whose career began while studying a MBA at Rice, describes how “many of the pieces are inspired by famous works of art found throughout Spain, such as poetry, paintings, architecture, and sculptures. Certain pieces are physical representations of images found in works of art, which is to pay homage to the artist’s message of inspiration.”


Armenta Jewellery

(Left: Gold Scalloped Stack Band £550, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant £965)

These are definitely investment pieces considering the hefty price tag! I would say save them for special occasions and wear with your most beautiful outfits but…what’s wrong with a bit of decadence every day?