Red Coat

November 24, 2015


Last time it was red shoes, this time a red coat! But it is also the style I love, a tie waist is so elegant and flattering for the figure.


Sleek Skirt

January 2, 2015


sleek skirt



Blouse & Pleats

December 21, 2014

Piazza Oberdan, Milan

The Sartorialist, Piazza Oberdan, Milan


Sampling other Styles

August 22, 2013


I am back from my months stay in the glorious Italy, I have seen the sun, sea, sand, Pisa, Venice, Cortina, met the most wonderful people and lastly eaten the most unforgetable food. Though I cannot deny how much I have missed blogging over the last fews weeks, I have returned totally out of the loop from the fashion world – and London Fashion Week is only just around the corner! I did pick up the latest Love Magazine and started reading September Vogue last night so I will soon be back on track. I would love you all to take a look at only few, and I mean literally only a few, of the hundreds of photos I have from Italy on my Instagram.

What to blog about after a month away from the computer? Well I thought I would talk a little bit about personal style based on culture, surroundings and tradition. Spending time in both Italy and Paris this summer has opened my eyes to different ways of dressing. For example in Paris women are so much more sophisticated then in England, they make the effort to be presentable, no matter where they are going or who they are seeing. Us Britons on the other hand prefer jeans and a t – shirt to meet for coffee, not that there is anything wrong with it, I just personally feel we have become lazy. In Italy I saw a broad range of styles, from cheap Versace replicas to smart and chic elderly ladies. I was struck most by the women’s jewellery, huge elaborate earrings and delicate bracelets that worked wonderfully with simple floaty dresses. I noticed their shoes were not 6inch stilettos but 4inch sandals or wedges – comfortable, walkable and you know what they were still stylish! London is famous for it’s street style and so we should rightly be very proud, but I also think we could learn from other European ways of dressing…I certainly didn’t see anyone in a tracksuit walking to the local market. Anyway it’s food for thought isn’t it? Take a look at the images below, one is Paris based, another Milan and lastly London, can you guess which is which?

London Woman

Paris Woman

Milan Woman


Obsessed to the Max

July 21, 2013

This summer, which can you believe we have actually had, I have been obsessed with everything MAXI. Maxi or pencil skirts and long flowing maxi dresses. Of course I love wearing little shorts and skirts like everyone else, but unlike everyone else I only tend to wear my high waisted denim shorts and casual crop tops at festivals and by the poolside. When it comes to a shopping trip or evening meal I would much rather be covered up and cool than extremely exposed and self concious.

What is it with the English mentality to wear as little clothing as possible when the sun comes out? Do we really want to see eachother’s bum cheeks or rolls of fat on our trip to the supermarket – no thank you! Here are a few solutions that I have not stopped wearing over the last month, so comfortable and highly versatile. The maxi style works with heels or flats, crop tops or blouses, generally whatever look you go for, I’m certain you can make it work with a maxi style.

Asos Black Maxi

Asos Maxi Dress with back split. £18.00 I don’t think I have worn this on it’s own once, I prefer to layer a classic white Tee over the top or an elegant cream blouse.

New Look maxi blue

New Look Navy Maxi. £14.99 The navy maxi is such a good wardrobe investment because unlike black it is slightly more summery and so can be worn with more summer wardrobe staples. I love belting it and putting it with a long navy cardigan if there’s a cool breeze.

Oasis Pleated maxi

Oasis Pleated Maxi Dress in White. £70.00 Just perfect for a smart evening meal or lunch date. What I love about white in the summer is the endless jewellery combinations you can experiment with, turquoise is one of my favourites.

Topshop Black Pencil

Topshop double layer tube skirt. £20.00 The classic black pencil skirt is always present in my winter and summer wardrobe. Perfect with tights and heels in the winter and just as gorgeous with black flat sandals and a white T shirt or crop top.



Jonathan Saunders

August 16, 2012

This was such a delicate and feminine collection with the soft colour palette and fabrics. As a whole the looks were very demure, with neat hemlines and lengths – with the slightest hint of allure. How comfy and cosy do those spotty trousers look? I just love this outfit’s laid back glamour!


Rooky Red Sole

July 13, 2012

I thought I had to write a piece about the latest DIY extravaganza – that is painting the soles of your black platforms or courts with the distinctive Louboutin Red.  Before I write anymore I have to admit that as much as I love DIY I could not paint my soles red, I know I would be too tempted to pass them off as real, which would frankly be wrong. When you adapt a skirt or embellish a garment you relish in the compliments from others, but it seems that this act of customisation can be dangerously realistic to the untrained eye.

 Louboutins are iconic and most of the shoes are incredible but if celebrities weren’t trying to walk in them, would we be?  I just cannot fully understand the appeal of such shoes that are too high to walk in and therefore are uncomfortable to wear. What’s more the high street has tried to replicate them and I am pretty certain they can’t be comfortable to walk in either! As a result I think it is a great idea to start customising your favourite pair of heels to produce the Louboutin effect, but only if you admit you did it yourself. Hint: Beware of the paint rubbing off after a first outing. If you are serious about painting your soles choose a more durable (and probably more expensive) paint.

So what are the pros and cons? Well people will be envious if you lead them to believe they are real, but equally unimpressed if they spot red splodges of paint on their carpet and flakes of dry paint hanging from your foot. On the other hand friends would love to copy your idea if you are truthful about your heels. The only thing I would say is, you do not want to ruin a lovely pair of courts and similarly do you really want to buy a cheap pair of heels and pot of paint, neither of which you will be using after a few months? If and when I want a pair of Louboutins I think I will save, save, save. Let me know your thoughts.


Bionda Castana

June 9, 2012

I love shoes so much, yet I hardly have any..it’s strange really! I think I wait till I find a pair I really love and then wearing them feels so much more exciting and special. I have recently fallen in love with Bionda Castana’s shoes despite launching in 2007. The duo of Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman produced a video clip for their S/S 12 collection..I literally want every single pair! They are so understated and neat, while still being fun to wear and look at. Take a look!


Raffia Mania

June 7, 2012

Raffia is big for this summer, though I prefer it in small doses. I would suggest working it into the wardrobe through small pieces, such as bags or shoes. Raffia creates this beachy feel, which looks great while on holiday when wearing loose flowing garments,  and especially with white. Here are just a few images I found and loved, I think the hat is gorgeous!