Simply Casual

April 10, 2016



I love spring style. When the weather is too warm for chunky jumpers, scarves and gloves, but you can still wear your favourite coat over a simple t shirt – what is not to love?! Take a look at these accounts for some super casual spring looks.


I recently did a post on clothing that would be perfect for wearing at a festival and after spending three days at a local one I started to wonder why and how has the festival look come about. The crop top and high waisted look is obviously still popular but now we have the kimono layered on top matched with hunter wellies and knee high socks. Increasingly however much younger girls are following the style of all the gap year students who wear their tie dye or lace camis, scrunchies, and chokers that they think are unique to them after four months travelling around Thailand  and Vietnam etc. This comes hand in hand with a lot more girls adopting the ‘indie’ look which I only really discovered when I started university, let alone while still at school.

So where exactly has it all come from? Why do we feel the need to all dress a certain way when we go to a festival? I think Kate Moss wearing her Wellington boots and shorts to Glasto back in 2005 sparked the whole trend off. Following on from her more and more fashion bloggers attend festivals and post their daily looks which provide inspiration for avid followers, as well as first time festival goers who may feel daunted. Take Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast shown below – I would love to try and replicate one of her festival looks,. Take me and 100,000 more readers and you’re bound to find the same look at other festivals!

rumi neely festival

I really do not believe in following a rule book for festival wear, although I am unlucky enough not to be one of those girls that can wear no make up for three days and still look gorgeous – I do like to try and look a bit put together. I hate shorts, so i like to wear a playsuit instead, I get cold at night so I put on super stretchy jeans rather than staying in shorts. I think it is all about personal preference, when you know what makes you feel most comfortable stick to it.



K&Co Jeans

September 8, 2013

Just yesterday I attempted to pull on a very old pair of black jeans that I wear religiously even throughout the summer for an evening out. But as I struggled to do up this pair of jeans the button fastening pinged off. It would appear that years and years of usage had finally taken its toll. So where to begin searching for a new pair of jeans? I found that K&CO have a huge collection for women, stocking loads of different brands such as Love Label, Vila and Diesel.

Finding a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove is near impossible. I’m sure we have all had the scenario of putting on a new pair for the first time, feeling confident in their skin tight stretch, only to find that by the end of the day they have turn into a baggy trouser. Lesson learnt. Avoid high contents of Elastane!

I love everything high waisted at the moment, it is just a great way of elongating the leg, so here are few pairs that I found on K&Co’s Women’s Jeans section.

K&Co Jeans 1

South Colour Supersoft Skinny Jeans £30.00

I would choose the Grey for this A/W.

K&CO Jeans 2

Love Label High Waisted Skinny Jeans – Stonewash. £35.00

K&Co Jeans 3

South Ella Supersoft Skinny.  Jeans £30.00

It is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with a pair of black, blue and grey jeans. Although I have shown only the skinny options above, K&Co offers different styles such as the classic Bootcut and wide leg, as well as low, mid and high rise.



Sampling other Styles

August 22, 2013


I am back from my months stay in the glorious Italy, I have seen the sun, sea, sand, Pisa, Venice, Cortina, met the most wonderful people and lastly eaten the most unforgetable food. Though I cannot deny how much I have missed blogging over the last fews weeks, I have returned totally out of the loop from the fashion world – and London Fashion Week is only just around the corner! I did pick up the latest Love Magazine and started reading September Vogue last night so I will soon be back on track. I would love you all to take a look at only few, and I mean literally only a few, of the hundreds of photos I have from Italy on my Instagram.

What to blog about after a month away from the computer? Well I thought I would talk a little bit about personal style based on culture, surroundings and tradition. Spending time in both Italy and Paris this summer has opened my eyes to different ways of dressing. For example in Paris women are so much more sophisticated then in England, they make the effort to be presentable, no matter where they are going or who they are seeing. Us Britons on the other hand prefer jeans and a t – shirt to meet for coffee, not that there is anything wrong with it, I just personally feel we have become lazy. In Italy I saw a broad range of styles, from cheap Versace replicas to smart and chic elderly ladies. I was struck most by the women’s jewellery, huge elaborate earrings and delicate bracelets that worked wonderfully with simple floaty dresses. I noticed their shoes were not 6inch stilettos but 4inch sandals or wedges – comfortable, walkable and you know what they were still stylish! London is famous for it’s street style and so we should rightly be very proud, but I also think we could learn from other European ways of dressing…I certainly didn’t see anyone in a tracksuit walking to the local market. Anyway it’s food for thought isn’t it? Take a look at the images below, one is Paris based, another Milan and lastly London, can you guess which is which?

London Woman

Paris Woman

Milan Woman


J Brand Jeans

July 17, 2013

We have all heard of the well established J Brand Jeans and as the new Autumn/Winter collections start to appear in our glossy magazines, I can’t think of a better time than now to assess their new range for the winter months ahead.

What is great about the J Brand website is their Shop by Fit and Shop by Fabric options. Something not utilised enough by other clothing companies and is imperative when choosing the right pair of jeans for your body shape. Here are just some of the styles I’m favouring after browsing their latest range.

J Brand Grey Jeans

I think a soft grey or what J Brand calls Onyx, is such a great colour when the weather starts to turn because they work well with black, white and a bit of navy. These are called the 620 Mid-Rise Super Skinny £198.87 of a Cotton, Polyester and Lycra blend.

J Brand White Capri

you are still looking for something for this summer, I really like this White
Capri in the classic cropped jeans style. I find they work so well with ballet
flats as well as heels for a slightly more elegant look. 835 Mid-Rise Capri £156.91
– Cotton, Polyester and Spandex blend.

J Brand Cigarette

Of course, a wardrobe would not be complete without the traditional denim blue jean. These are the 814 Mid-Rise Cigarette Leg for £188.84 (same fabric blend as above). I think the cigarette style is so flattering because they can work so well in the evening with a pair of heels and equally with flats or the thigh high boots that will be returning for this winter.

Their styles are endless to cater for all needs and shapes, such as the cargo, boy fit and flare. Though pricy, J Brand is renowned for the quality of their denim and impeccable fit – time to start saving for a pair!