Winden Jewelry

May 8, 2016

winden 2 winden

I am a massive fan of light delicate jewellery, big bracelets or necklaces can really irritate me. So Winden‘s collection instantly attracted me! Such simple designs and I love their unique earring styles for multiple piercings. Likewise the rings and necklaces appear light and very ethereal. The only downside is you will have to save up before you buy, if not, anything from their collection would make a beautiful present.


Gang of Early Birds

April 6, 2016

Gang of Eary Birds

early birds jewellery

I stumbled across Gang of Early Birds on Instagram and instantly found their styling unique, delicate and super chic! Founder is Fanny Airault who has created  a concept store in Paris selling exclusive French brands. Doesn’t the jewellery look gorgeous!


Few Moda

March 24, 2016

Few Moda

Currently loving  Few Moda for their unique and super stylish clothing. Ranging from beautifully structured white shirts to this simply cool crew neck sweater. Check out their jewellery too – very minimalistic. Also currently trending are ‘Effortless’ or ‘Lounge’ trousers, they look so comfortable as well as being incredibly flattering.


March 18, 2016


I was intantly struct by the simplicity and modernity of thpshop’s jewellery. They also have a sleek Insta account and website – very monochrome!

Vanessa, the founder of the Haute Pursuit  is the Creative Director of the label and is equally the face of the brand – stunning, i think you will agree.

As well as delicate rings and earring, she sells beautiful bright faux fur jackets. You might have seen Danielle, blogger of Weworewhat (pictured),and Eva Chan wearing the Marigold Faux Fur!

Check them out now!

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April 13, 2015



I came across Matilda Accessories while looking for silver jewellery on Instagram. As a student I find it hard to find simplistic silver rings and necklaces that are affordable. Matilda’s certainly are and they are gorgeous too! Their necklaces are delicate and sit just below the nape of the neck which is perfect for layering with longer chains. Rings are minimalistic and thin styles are great for stacking. The larger stone rings are equally as stunning and are available in two sizes. Blues and turquoise shades will be perfect for summer with romantic white lace cover ups. It is unlikely you’ll come away from the site with just one item in your basket!


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Armenta Jewellery

November 25, 2013

I recently discovered Armenta jewellery on Avenue 32 and was instantly struck by such a majestic and opulent collection. It reminded me instantly of the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2013 show as shown below, with the use of colours and shapes.

Armenta Jewellery

(Left: D&G 2013, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant

“Armenta jewellery is hand-crafted from unique gemstones and precious metals and this
New World collection takes inspiration from the journals of Christopher Columbus” which honours the “noble heritage of Spanish culture and literature in the form of objects of fascination to last for centuries”. Emily Armenta who founded the brand and whose career began while studying a MBA at Rice, describes how “many of the pieces are inspired by famous works of art found throughout Spain, such as poetry, paintings, architecture, and sculptures. Certain pieces are physical representations of images found in works of art, which is to pay homage to the artist’s message of inspiration.”


Armenta Jewellery

(Left: Gold Scalloped Stack Band £550, Right: Diamond Heraldry Medallion Pendant £965)

These are definitely investment pieces considering the hefty price tag! I would say save them for special occasions and wear with your most beautiful outfits but…what’s wrong with a bit of decadence every day?


When we hear about fashion accessories, certain things tend to come to mind: namely, shoes, boots, belts, handbags, and jewellery. Indeed, these are the extra items that enhance our wardrobes and compliment our clothing styles, and just like garments they feature designs that cycle in and out of fashion as the seasons and years go by. But within these broad categories of accessories, sometimes it’s the tiniest features and littlest props that really seem to stand out and define fashion. So here’s a look at 5 “props” we’re seeing in fashion this fall and winter.

1. Ornate Cloth Cuffs

It’s almost like a winter twist on a bangle bracelet, though of course it’s made of fabric rather than metal. Still, an ornate cloth cuff is a great way to add a subtle accent that can make all the difference to your outfit. Metro notes a gorgeous example in a £69 gothic-inspired cuff from Hobbs that we could see being worn with just about any outfit this season.

2. Gemstones

As mentioned, you’ll hear a lot about jewellery trends if you look up fashion accessories for the autumn/winter season, but or the most part they’ll revolve around the overall styles of pieces. Within these styles, gemstones are noteworthy ornaments for the season, and are serving to add a touch of colour to autumn/winter fashion.

3. Flowers

You’ll see plenty in the way of fake flowers this season, perhaps most notably as decorative attachments to oversized winter hats. However, real flowers can provide an unexpected and tastefully chic addition to the right winter outfits. M&S online is a nice place to start your search, not to buy an individual flower but to get an idea for what the best seasonal selections are. You’ll find bouquets tailor made for the autumn and winter, and can gain an idea of which flowers you may be able to find fresh to complement your outfits.


4. Fur Linings

Fur may be more of a texture than a prop, and is commonly associated with winter fashion in the form of outerwear, and even accessories like scarves and warm boots. However, this season, fur is worth considering in smaller accessories such as handbags and shoe ornaments. Daily Women Talks online shows some beautiful accessory options incorporating fur.

5. Animal Pins

Animals are always prominent in winter fashion, primarily in the form of leopard patterns but also in furs, in skins, and various other themes. Even the traditional winter “camel coat” uses an animal name in its title! But this season, there’s a more subtle way to bring animal fashion into the fold – through decorative pins. Combine this with the gemstone trend for a spectacular little piece. Anything from a jeweled ladybug brooch to a simple ornamental pin in the image of any animal can make a lovely fashion prop.

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Sampling other Styles

August 22, 2013


I am back from my months stay in the glorious Italy, I have seen the sun, sea, sand, Pisa, Venice, Cortina, met the most wonderful people and lastly eaten the most unforgetable food. Though I cannot deny how much I have missed blogging over the last fews weeks, I have returned totally out of the loop from the fashion world – and London Fashion Week is only just around the corner! I did pick up the latest Love Magazine and started reading September Vogue last night so I will soon be back on track. I would love you all to take a look at only few, and I mean literally only a few, of the hundreds of photos I have from Italy on my Instagram.

What to blog about after a month away from the computer? Well I thought I would talk a little bit about personal style based on culture, surroundings and tradition. Spending time in both Italy and Paris this summer has opened my eyes to different ways of dressing. For example in Paris women are so much more sophisticated then in England, they make the effort to be presentable, no matter where they are going or who they are seeing. Us Britons on the other hand prefer jeans and a t – shirt to meet for coffee, not that there is anything wrong with it, I just personally feel we have become lazy. In Italy I saw a broad range of styles, from cheap Versace replicas to smart and chic elderly ladies. I was struck most by the women’s jewellery, huge elaborate earrings and delicate bracelets that worked wonderfully with simple floaty dresses. I noticed their shoes were not 6inch stilettos but 4inch sandals or wedges – comfortable, walkable and you know what they were still stylish! London is famous for it’s street style and so we should rightly be very proud, but I also think we could learn from other European ways of dressing…I certainly didn’t see anyone in a tracksuit walking to the local market. Anyway it’s food for thought isn’t it? Take a look at the images below, one is Paris based, another Milan and lastly London, can you guess which is which?

London Woman

Paris Woman

Milan Woman


Latest on StyleSaint

August 10, 2012

Here is some inspiration for you all from my StyleSaint collection of images. I hope you like them! CLICK on the IMAGES to ENLARGE.


Jewel Toned

June 30, 2012

If you are planning a new summer wardrobe you cannot forget the jewels to go with it. Here are just a few of the pieces I love! From top left clockwise. This is a rock chick cuff, great for the festival look – pair with denim cut offs. Asos (Limited Edition) £35.00. Beaded/studded collars are everywhere at the moment, rather than buy a dozen new shirts use this Topshop pearl collar. £16.50. Though expensive these distressed brass earrings by Free People can be worn day and night, £75.89. This River Island ring will work wonderfully with the Asos Cuff, £8.00. That blue stone is so captivating, I would wear it on its own with no other jewellery for the best effect. Whistles, £35.00. Such a Grecian style necklace by Urban Outfitters – wear it with white! £14.00