Summer In Paris

July 9, 2013

The last few weeks have been amazing, traveling to Greece and then Paris! But i’m so sorry for not being able to do a blog post until now. As soon as I came home I have been desperately wanting to update Fashionable People, but I have had no Internet connection and even now  it is glitchy, so posts will not be on a regular basis for some time sadly!

I just spent 5 days in Paris which was absolutely magical and I hope you enjoy my slide show, of sadly not so professional pictures. I really need to get myself a good camera. I do not want to describe every day in a cliche way because that has been done so many times before. All I would say is I love how sophisticated Paris is, women and men alike dress beautifully! The streets and shops are all so pretty and the service offered puts English retail to shame! In the  department stores a shop assistant took one look at my sister guessed her size correctly and proceeded to pick out beautiful dresses for her, which were perfectly suitable for her ‘Day at the Races’ summer party. What a pity we seem to have let this service slip in the UK!

It was interesting to see how Parisian teenagers dressed, there was no one in skimpy shorts and crop tops walking around the shops. Instead it was flowing maxi skirts and dresses or summer trousers, both of which I adopted and have since been wearing back home. Of course there is nothing wrong with short shorts and crop tops, I just think they are more suited to beach/pool wear and festivals, rather than shopping and day trips.

I can’t not mention the food was absolutely amazing! On my first day, I just ordered a baguette ham sandwich, which despite such simplicity was absolutely delicious. I had chocolate eclairs, Cafe Gourmond, Tart au Citron..I think twice, Tart au fraise..the list honestly goes on! And of course a glass of French wine each day. I went to Laduree too (the famous Macaroon shop) I literally could have spent over forty Euros in there, very easily.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures!