sports wear


May 1, 2016


I saw a super chic Milanese girl wearing her beige cap ( the right way round I might add) with a matching duster/trench coat, sunglasses and her hair in a neat bun! It was just such a simple, yet incredibly cool look that I totally wanted to copy it and I have just ordered my own cap. I used to wear them so much when I was younger and actually for the Summer months they are a good sun protection investment.

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Sweaty Betty

May 29, 2012

Sorry for my lack of posts recently! I just did 5 days of work experience with the clothing company Sweaty Betty who specialize in clothing for sport, yoga, ski, running..the list just goes on and on! I knew I had to blog about it while it is still fresh in my memory, though I do not have any pictures from behind the scenes. It was such an amazing opportunity, to look at the processes behind an up and coming brand. I was able to spend time with the design/production team, e commerce, marketing and buying. By sitting in on meetings and working with the teams I learnt a lot – no coffee pouring for me! If you want to learn more and gain experience then internships or just work experience is really valuable, I know that something in marketing would be of most interest to me after doing my work experience at Sweaty Betty .