November 3, 2012

I just loved this Gucci collection for A/W. It has a Gothic romance feel to it that really creates a powerful and strong look. Maybe it is just the leather though! Note the burgundy blouse and the matching lipstick. Leather trousers are a difficult thing to buy, too cheap and they definitely look way too fake that it is embarrassing, but then the real deal is way too expensive. I would settle for £100 for a good pair of leather trousers. I hope you like this look!


On a Rainy Day

October 26, 2012

I saw a post on Vogue about the latest umbrellas out there at the moment and I thought it was such a lovely idea that I might add my own favourites! Never underestimate the umbrella – always carry one with you because who knows when the rain will hit and ruin your hair!

Lulu Guinness. Love the dome shape £32.00

J.W Anderson for Topshop. £19.99

Asos – Ella Doran. So pretty! £23.00

Urban Outfitters Aztec print. £16.00

Probably my favourite. River Island Baroque. £20.00



October 23, 2012

Such a cool futuristic look by Fendi and with an unusual hairstyle. I love the idea of cuddling up in a big winter coat with a shift dress and tights underneath, it just seems so cosy and stylish at the same time. While the Zara coat I chose isn’t very futuristic it will certainly keep you warm! I had never considered red boots before either – the Topshop ones are nice I think, because they are not too bright. What is more, I may have found another bag option! Don’t you just love this tote by Accessorize?



Dolce & Gabbana

October 1, 2012

Could there have been a more beautiful collection for A/W? The lace, the brocade and the regal theme to D&G provides perfect inspiration for any of your Christmas outfits. Note those big earrings as well! I love the demure hair style in contrast with the sheer quality of the fabrics. The dress I have chosen from Topshop can be worn as it is, glammed up with a bit of jewellery or wear a sheer blouse underneath for more formal occasions.



September 10, 2012


Sorry for my lack of posts, such a hectic time at the moment, and I promise I will have my favourite shows from NYFW to show you soon! I think I feature Balmain each season ..literally! This season it is all about their beautifully embellished jackets. They are boxy, short and extremely detailed. This means the trousers etc should be kept to a minimum. Note the high neckline on the shirt as well, I have noticed this in quite a few shows for A/W. If you cannot find a high collar, just wear a polo neck underneath – I’m sure it will be cold enough! I hope you like my choice of jacket – I had a hard time finding one but I was determined to feature this look for you all!




July 3, 2012

I featured the behind the scenes shots from this collection because I just cannot get enough of it! The foulard prints (Hermes/scarf print, usually silk material) are all just as stunning as the next! Though they haven’t been replicated as much as I thought they would be for the high street. If you are weary of such a print, I think this look is a good starting point – the trousers are not too loud like the dresses.


Jewel Toned

June 30, 2012

If you are planning a new summer wardrobe you cannot forget the jewels to go with it. Here are just a few of the pieces I love! From top left clockwise. This is a rock chick cuff, great for the festival look – pair with denim cut offs. Asos (Limited Edition) £35.00. Beaded/studded collars are everywhere at the moment, rather than buy a dozen new shirts use this Topshop pearl collar. £16.50. Though expensive these distressed brass earrings by Free People can be worn day and night, £75.89. This River Island ring will work wonderfully with the Asos Cuff, £8.00. That blue stone is so captivating, I would wear it on its own with no other jewellery for the best effect. Whistles, £35.00. Such a Grecian style necklace by Urban Outfitters – wear it with white! £14.00



June 17, 2012

Along with Jil Sander, I have always thought that Celine is the epitome of simplicity and clean lines. Yet there is always the subtle contrast between soft flowing fabrics and then crisp shapes and outlines, just like the outfit above. I’m not a huge fan of green, but emerald green I love to pieces! So deep and luxurious, what’s more you can wear it in winter and summer.



Barbara Bui

May 6, 2012

A varied collection by Bui, sporty prints and silhouettes were dominant, while feminine ruffles fought against strong tribal prints. I thought the look above would make a nice evening look for summer, the black shirt for slightly cooler evenings but then a light skirt and bright heels to pull the on looker back to spring time elegance.



April 29, 2012

Floral combinations can be hard to pull off, in fact I dread every form of pattern when it comes to summer. But new creative director Olivier Rousteing has pulled it of by giving the look a modern twist with black wedges. I found a gorgeous floral jacket that would be lovely for summer, but with any jacket like the one above, you must and I repeat MUST buy it to the correct size, ensuring that it fits snugly and doesn’t look frumpy. You do not want the jacket to be too long either. I avoided combining florals with florals and opted for a simple plain Cami that can be tucked into high waisted shorts to give a streamlined look.