What an ugly bug

April 19, 2014

Has anyone else noticed the trend for ugly shoes at the moment? I for one just cannot understand where they have come from and why people are wearing them? What is the appeal of ¬†flatforms for example? It appears to me that we have become too institutionalised to believe that whatever is trending on the catwalks we too must replicate on the sidewalk. I however really don’t play by this rule especially when a trend is just down right ugly. Below are what I am currently hating over- Topshop has really done a good job!

I don’t know how to comment on these shoes other than say – how can they make your feet look nice?! Shoes say a lot about you and, as well as providing comfort or discomfort, they can be sensual, sophisticated and oh so sexy. By choosing any of the shoes above you are saying ‘I do not care that my feet look stupid’ – unattractive even. On top of that I don’t believe that these shoe styles really compliment any other form of clothing. I had a pair of jelly shoes once, I was probably 6 and the only time I ever wore them was to the beach during the summer. This is where they should stay, with the beachwear that only makes an appearance for a couple of weeks of the year. I can understand the appeal of Birkenstock sandals – they are incredibly comfortable and give the feet a rest. But just please keep these for inside the house and toes should be perfectly pedicured at all times. I don’t need to say that really – you know it. What shoes are you currently hating and let me know if you actually love the shoes above – any feedback is great!




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andy April 25, 2014 at 11:59 pm

:) not my style but cute!


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