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January 20, 2014

yoga british vogue

Douten Kroes for British Vogue February 2014

After having spent about half a year convincing  my family and friends that I was going to take up Yoga, I have finally had my first lesson in Ashtanga – good for building flexibility and core strength. I left the class feeling like every muscle in my body had been awoken and had suddenly realised their potential. My flexibility also seemed to increase as the class went on – I really struggle to touch my toes! The inhale and exhale breaths to match the exercises I sometimes struggled to co ordinate, but like anything practice makes perfect! I just wore my gym gear which was really comfortable, just basic sports leggings and a strappy top,  but make sure you don’t wear any lose tops otherwise when doing the ‘downward dog’ they obstruct your face! I really like the Yoga look above featured in the February edition of British Vogue – would look great in summer. But really it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you look like as long as the clothes give you enough mobility, Sweaty Betty and Victoria’s Secret both do gorgeous yet practical Yoga collections. I would urge any of you who hate the gym and want to start the year pro-actively to give Yoga a go and see what you think!


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the style crusader January 21, 2014 at 6:00 pm

I’ve only done yoga with an instructor a couple of times. The best was in Jamaica on a peer going out into the ocean with a man who had dreadlocks down to his knees. Pretty special. Glad to hear you’ve started going and that you enjoyed it!

p.s. the photo is beautiful! xx


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